Day: July 3, 2024

Press Release

Pirates of the Arrland Announces ARRC Listing and Enhanced RUM Liquidity

Warsaw, Poland, July 2, 2024 – Pirates of the Arrland, a Play & Earn ecosystem, has announced key developments including listing its ARRC token and improved liquidity for its RUM token. These updates will enhance the ecosystem's economic framework and player engagement. The pirate-themed project Pirates of the Arrland consists of an MMO on-chain strategy game, an AI-driven metaverse, and several competitive off-chain games. The initiative employs blockchain technology to create a unique user experience through NFT assets, deflationary tokenomics, and varied gameplay modes.RUM is a deflationary token in which 50% of tokens used for minting new NFTs are burnt until an 80% supply reduction from total supply can be achieved to keep economic stability while encouraging long-term particip...