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We develop bespoke learning experiences with the perfect blend of technologies and techniques to help you succeed.
An organisation’s ability to continuously learn and evolve rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage. To achieve your strategic goals, it is essential to invest in next generation learning experiences that are tailored to your organisation’s needs and challenges and use an optimised blend of learning technologies and techniques.That’s where we come in. Our long-established background in corporate learning and position within the Euromoney Group enables us to design and deliver bespoke learning programmes that blend next generation learning technologies and techniques in a way that drives performance and inspires a culture of lifelong learning.
A global provider of training across all areas of finance and leadership development, we work with a team of 130 world-class experts to deliver practical, personal, and ROI-driven learning experiences. With substantial experience designing and developing completely customised, blended learning programmes for all levels of seniority, from Boardroom to front line, we have worked with 95% of the world’s top corporate and investment banks to deliver state-of-the-art training to more than 60,000 professionals in the last 5 years in more than 80 countries around the world.
What we do
Our learning approach enables your people to take part in engaging learning journeys that ultimately help them do their job better.   
Rooted in the belief that we learn best when discussing new ideas with like-minded people, our programmes include:
bite-sized learning resources designed to prompt debate and spark creativity
virtual and face-to-face workshops so learners can meet the subject matter experts, experience the learning via real-life problems and challenges,  and practice new behaviours, tools and techniques
social learning from start to finish, encouraging learners to contribute, share and rate their own views and content via live video capture and online chat
So whether your people need to understand how to model a financial investment, how your clients determine financial risk and make decisions, or you want to generate increased client value and loyalty through better relationship management,  our programmes will inspire them to change the way they achieve success.  And, if you need it, we can analyse data on all of the above, providing relevant metrics to demonstrate ROI
Your biggest challenges, solved
Engage the workforce in lifelong learning and the pursuit for proficiency
Gain a global perspective on new trends, policies, and regulation
Measure the impact of learning on business outcomes
Reduce the time it takes new recruits to become competent in the workplace
Provide private social learning communities to spread knowledge and learning across teams, functions, and offices 
Remove the barriers to continuous learning with ongoing support and access to expert instructors
Our People
We are a fun and friendly team of people who like to adopt a collaborative approach that puts the customer first in everything that we do. We strive to be seen as an extension of our clients’ L&D departments by developing meaningful relationships with all relevant stakeholders and delivering a consistent, outstanding service that earns their trust. 
We are proud to be a global business. Our people are based in 4 offices around the world and speak more than 10 languages combined, and we leverage communication and social learning technologies internally to facilitate knowledge sharing and cross-departmental collaboration when required.