NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFTs have emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry in the past couple of months. According to statistics, the sales of NFTs were recorded to be more than $2.5 billion in the first six months of 2021. A lot of artists designers, actors, singers, and other popular personalities are showing interest in NFTs. 

Cryptomob 42 is the representation of people who are in favor of identifying themselves in a group and also aim to make something positive out of this association.

Cryptomob 42 is a project that consists of a collection of 1420 Cryptomob 42 NFT. This digital collection is available on the Ethereum.

This project aims to create an NFT collection that is fun and would also serve as a digital avatar. This project also aims to create a more engaging experience for the users. By creating this engaging experience, the project looks forward to expanding more.


Cryptomob 42 has prioritized certain aspects since the start of this project. These aspects were prioritized to make this project popular and a success. Following are the aspects which are given main importance by Cryptomob 42.

1. Designs that are beautiful and rare:

Cryptomob 42 are not merely simple images. The images that are a part of Cryptomob 42 have distinct backgrounds and accessories which makes them unique from one another.

These pictures are referred to as M.O.B. Each image is completely distinct and unique with a difference in its power. There are 3 different levels of powers namely Soldier, Sub-Leader, and Mobster. For the ease of the users, a tag is attached to every M.O.B. that displays the role of the M.O.B. Along with the tag displaying the role, another tag displays the name of the gang as well. These tags create a convenient and unique experience for the users.

2. Utility:

Cryptomob 42 holders are provided with a unique experience by this project. These Cryptomob 42 holders get to experience enjoyable interactions amongst themselves. Every Cryptomob 42 comes with two cards along with a collectible. This is a part of an artwork. All of this is the property of the MOB of the user.

3. Build a Community:

Cryptomob 42 aims to build a community that is not only entertaining but also safe and supportive. Cryptomob 42 provides an environment for NFT fans where they can hang out with each other, meet friends, and have discussions with like-minded people. The social channels of Cryptomob 42 are active and the focal point of events and competitions. 

About Cryptomob 42:

Cryptomob 42 is a project that aims to bring together people who are like-minded and who have similar interests. NFT enthusiasts are united under this project where they get to enjoy an interactive, safe and robust environment and get to have discussions with the people having the same interests as them. For every NFT, a pixel is distributed. This pixel is a part of art pieces that are created alongside the other members of Cryptomob 42.

Cryptomob 42 is a playful project that organizes many games. Each Cryptomob 42 comes with two CryptoBingo cards. These cards allow the participants to participate in events organized by Cryptomob 2 free of cost and win Ethereum prizes.

The games that are organized by Cryptomob 42 are not only limited to Bingo. Many other games are organized by Cryptomob 42 to give a fair chance to every member and every user to win the prizes.

All in all, Cryptomob 42 is a fun and interactive project that has many benefits for the members and users.