DeepTradeBot has launched its Private Club with great advantages

Many of you will already know DeepTradeBot from previous analyzes, or simply because it is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of internet, and investments, due to its high profitability and its good position in the market.

DeepTradeBot is a collection of automated trading tools developed by Deep Neuro Networks LTD, a London, England-based company dedicated to artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Here we find the first advantage, we are dealing with a legal company, registered in a safe country within Europe. They have a contact telephone number (attended in English).

DeepTradeBot CLUB – the TOP MLM tool of 2020

This summer deepTradeBot company has opened a unique opportunity for experienced MLM leaders.You are welcomed to belong to a very closed and small circle of people who will enjoy extremely advantageous and fast development opportunities at the platform.

Being a deepTradeBot Club Member you can finally unleash your full MLM potential and start using your strong leadership and multi-level marketing skills in one of the most promising and the fastest developing domains such as AI crypto trading.

Among the large number of advantages and opportunities you have will receiveby joining the Club are:

  • Exclusive partnership conditions,
  • Increased percentage of partner’s fee,
  • Unlimited access to much more profitable Club Bots without any staging limitations
  • Possibility of building your own seven level structure

But the company didn’t stop on these opportunities. In the nearest time you will additionally see such benefits as:

More bonuses for your personal structure turnover, the rating of the most successful Club members with additional rewards, a special achievement system and a private closed VIP Members Chat for internal communication inside the platform, right on your Dashboard.

Watch a video of deepTradeBot MLM Club CEO, Charles Hardy, with a full presentation of this promising MLM solution.

How to join the Club?

First of all you’re welcome to visit the Club official page where you will be able to read more about the advantages and opportunities and estimate the profit you will be able to receive being a Cub Member –

The 2 ways to become a Club Member are:

If you feel yourself to be an experienced leader, just use the special contact form on the official page to represent yourself to the company, tell about your experience. The more details you provide, the more. Chances you will have to receive an Invite Code.

  • Getting an Invite Code from a current Club leader

Such a code can be found in deepTradeBot official Telegram chats, social media pages and financial forums.

Memberships and levels

Luckily, DeepTradeBot is a company that is committed to transparency, and they themselves recommend us to do a detailed investigation of the types of memberships available, and they provide us with all the necessary information to make a good decision. Because if we are happy, we will all win in the process.

deep trade2 - DeepTradeBot has launched its Private Club with great advantages
  • Classic. The entry price for this package is the cheapest: 149 USD. It will give you access to 7 invitation codes for building the first level of your structure. The commission for the guests of that first level will be 21%.
  • Pro. In this case the price is higher, but also the possibilities of obtaining better profits. The cost of the Pro membership is 249 USD. In the first level improvement will already be observed because we have 12 spaces to complete with downlines. In addition, the commission goes up to 24%, also increasing the commissions of the respective drops in the 7-level structure.
  • VIP. Without a doubt, the right one for the most ambitious. Its cost is 500 USD. But it allows you a first level of 27 members. If you can fill it out, and then they do a good job and bring in more people, you can have a very complete structure that will provide you with several thousand dollars. In addition, we have better commission percentages, starting at 27% of the first level, the highest of all memberships.

It should also be remembered that Club Members (regardless of the type of membership) are going to enjoy better fees in renting bots, and better affiliate commissions.

Help in decision

We have already commented that the process to choose the type of membership is complex. DeepTradeBot is committed to transparency (as we have already recalled several times) and they provide us with all the information and a very powerful calculator. It is very complete and exact, it is really worth it.

Here is a small example of random calculation with few members added in VIP membership.

deep trade3 - DeepTradeBot has launched its Private Club with great advantages

Incredible 28.000 USD


We already knew that DeepTradeBot’s service was very interesting, now its Club rounds out the investment opportunity.

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