Cryptocurrency has been quite popular in recent times. It has become more than just for trading and earning money. People nowadays are using crypto more as a utility and it has also replaced money in in-app purchases. Gaming is one of the aspects of crypto that is growing profusely along with NFTs. with NFT collectables and the ability to create our own NFTs, the crypto ecosystem is known more than just for digital currencies. There are thousands of online games that use crypto technology and NFT in their platforms. It is hard to keep up with crypto gaming news among all the mainstream crypto news. That is why Game wire has taken this big initiative.

What is Game Wire?

Game Wire collects the best news from the crypto gaming industry and puts out all the latest updates and trends. The entire platform is only dedicated to gaming-related news. Thus, whoever visits the website intends to find out about a particular game and will get the information they want. The surge in E-gaming with cryptocurrency has led to mass adoption of the same and more and more youngsters are getting awareness about decentralized finance and blockchain ecosystems.

With Game Wire, one can get the latest news about eSports that feature Non-Fungible Tokens like Cryptokitties, Atari tokens, Enjin tokens, and so on.

Almost every game has its own inbuilt coin that serves as crypto and can be exchanged with a mainstream coin or token through a decentralised exchange. Even Google Playstore has its own coin for being able to buy paid apps. Game Wire gives you update22s on which game is having a tournament, or who has released a new feature and so on.

Game Wire also serves as a PR platform for new games to promote their content with articles. Being a hub that constantly has visitors, Game Wire is excellent in reaching its target audience.

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