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June, 5, 2019
MinerGate has become a dApp Service Provider on the DAPP Network. It’s no secret that there have been some significant obstacles in the way of the efficient performance of dApp development. To develop on EOS, dApp developers must own and use RAM, which has its limitations. There are two of them: the high cost (more than 115 EOS/1 MB as of June 5th, 2019) and the limited supply (currently around 90 GB, anticipated to increase to 128 GB by the end of the year). As a matter of fact, these two points severely restrain the capabilities of dApp developers and their applications. So recently, LiquidApps have launched an alternative solution on the EOS blockchain which solves the scarcity of RAM for dApp developers – vRAM. The vRAM system is RAM compatible and aims to remove the current interdependence between the cost of memory (RAM) and the size of stored smart contracts, by using RAM as cache memory. The whole ecosystem named the DAPP Network solves the limitation for decentralized application development. It makes it possible to store a potentially unlimited amount of data more affordably and efficiently. Along with EOS blockchains’ scale and speed, it will help utilize blockchain technology’s potential to the fullest. Thus, MinerGate DSP is eager to help dApp developers by bringing to the table solutions (Service Packages) that enable affordable and unlimited access to storage and off-chain processing with on-chain integrity so that the way scalable dApps are built on blockchains today will sufficiently evolve. Here you can find our official tutorial ‘How To Use MinerGate DSP Package.’