Ongame Introduces New PvP Battles “Mage vs. Mage” at Blockchain Life Forum in Dubai

Ongame Introduces New PvP Battles "Mage vs. Mage" at Blockchain Life Forum in Dubai

June 17, 2024 — Ongame has announced the addition of a new game mode, PvP battles “Mage vs. Mage”, at the Blockchain Life forum in Dubai. This new feature introduces strategic depth and competitive elements to Ongame’s MMORPG, “IN”.

In the demonstration, Ongame showcased how the “Mage vs. Mage” mode alters traditional gameplay mechanics. Players can now move crystals across the entire field, requiring strategic planning with each shift. The mode gives players 15 seconds to consider their options and 5 seconds to execute their moves, making quick decision-making critical. A video display showed a duel between two equally matched mages, highlighting how strategic errors and positional incorrect assessment could influence the outcome.

Vladimir “Forly” Malyshev, CEO of Ongame, remarked that the “Mage vs. Mage” mode aims to enhance player interaction and competition within the game. By integrating blockchain technology, the mode introduces elements of transparency and security in-game mechanics and rewards.

Future developments for this mode include using smart contracts to streamline payment processing and reward distribution for winners, making the process transparent and secure. Ongame plans to broadcast top-player battles, allowing audiences to place bets on outcomes such as victories, number of moves, or damage dealt. The team is also preparing for league tournaments and championships, both online and offline, to build a competitive community. Additionally, new skills and mechanics, including game starts with pick and ban phases, will allow players to strategically build their heroes and disrupt opponents’ setups, adding further strategic complexity.

Ongame’s “IN” game offers a cross-platform MMORPG experience that combines “Match 3” mechanics with a dynamic and evolving narrative. Players are tasked with building a reverse portal to the real world, with the ultimate goal of transforming the game into a MetaUniverse. Equipment in the game is crafted by the players and can be exchanged in the in-game auction, creating a player-driven economy.

The game’s combat system includes various modes such as hunting, dungeons, tower battles, wave battles, mass battles, and world bosses. The storyline ensures continuous engagement with daily challenges, many of which are unique and not repeated. The city development and construction of new buildings are decided by players, unlocking new functionalities and enhancing the gaming experience.

One of the unique aspects of “IN” is the Chronicles of the Professor, where active players are featured and rewarded based on their contributions and achievements in the game. This system encourages community involvement and engagement.

The game’s utility token, IN ($TIN), is used as the premium currency for in-game purchases and exchanges. Players can earn and sell in-game gems for $TINs, with a live auction system driven by player demand. This token is essential for various in-game transactions, including premium subscriptions, buying and selling valuables, and participating in auctions for high-rarity items.

The development roadmap for “IN” includes continuous updates and expansions, with Chapter 1-12 releases, a web3 personal cabinet for game account management, integration with Discord, and enhanced visual and audio effects. The development team, led by DevOps and Blockchain Developer Artem “Pengulno”, is composed of professionals with experience in game development, cybersports, and financial technology.

Ongame’s development team is committed to delivering an engaging gaming experience, with plans for regular updates and new content. The roadmap outlines several milestones that have been achieved, including the scenario completion in February 2023, prototype in March 2023, smart token contract in April 2023, alpha test in April 2023, and closed beta test in May 2023. The release of Chapter 1-12 is ongoing, with additional features such as a web3 personal cabinet, referral program, and purchases in the Apple/Google Pay premium store in progress.

The team at Ongame, which includes professionals with extensive experience in business, game development, and blockchain technology, is focused on creating a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience. The developers and designers are dedicated to advancing the game’s functionality and visual appeal.

The announcement at the Blockchain Life forum marks a significant step in the ongoing development of “IN”. The “Mage vs. Mage” mode is set to bring new dynamics to the game, encouraging strategic gameplay and enhancing the competitive environment. Ongame’s integration of blockchain technology aims to provide a secure and transparent gaming experience, while the continuous updates and expansions ensure that players remain engaged with new challenges and content.

Ongame invites gamers, blockchain enthusiasts, and esports fans to explore the new “Mage vs. Mage” mode and participate in the evolving world of “IN”. With the integration of new game mechanics and the commitment to regular updates, Ongame aims to maintain a dynamic and engaging gaming environment for its community.

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Ongame is a company specializing in blockchain-based gaming, focused on integrating blockchain technology to enhance transparency, security, and player engagement. The company’s flagship game, “IN”, combines MMORPG elements with “Match 3” mechanics and a dynamic narrative, offering a unique and engaging gaming experience.

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