Poolin Empowers Ethereum Miners With New Payout Scheme and International ETH Node

Poolin, one of the largest mining collectives just finalized an upgrade to their global Ethereum infrastructure by completing the installation of an international Etherum node in the United States.
In addition to the node, Poolin switched its payment method from PPLNS to PPS+, which will enable Ethereum miners to begin earning Ethereum transaction fees in addition to the usual block rewards.
This move will enable Ethereum Miners to exponentially increase their earnings when mining through the Poolin pools. According to Poolin, $830 million were spent on fees in January 2021 alone, showcasing the importance of this update for ETH miners on the network.
We reached out to Poolin’s Vice President, Alejandro De La Torre for a comment regarding the network upgrade:
“We are dedicated to the success of our users and strive to empower them in every step of this decentralized journey. With this update to our infrastructure and process, we hope to provide significant value to Ethereum miners on our network and enhance their balance sheets.”
With this update, Poolin’s offering for Ethereum miners just got more enticing and rewarding. The installation of the international Ethereum Node will also enhance the capabilities of the network and provide users with better latency and more rewards over the long-term.

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