Ton Boost Launches Mine-to-Earn App on Telegram

Ton Boost Launches Mine-to-Earn App on Telegram

Location – July 09, 2023 – Ton Boost, a new mine-to-earn application, is now available on Telegram, marking the beginning of a unique ecosystem designed to engage a global community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This platform allows users to earn rewards by renting Power Boosters with TON tokens and participating in various activities within the app.

Ton Boost is a mine-to-earn experience where users can invest in Power Boosters to generate income. The main aim of this platform is to create an active large community and as it grows, expand its ecosystem through additional applications and earning methods that will assist in TON Ecosystem’s growth.

The platform introduces the TONB token, which serves as the governance token for the Ton Boost project. In the initial phase, users can earn TONB through activity rewards and by renting Power Boosters. The value of the Booster rented determines the amount of TONB received, with further plans for the token’s utility to be announced in future updates.

Ton Boost also includes referrals who are rewarded for inviting friends onto the platform. This entails 1 NOT plus 500 TONB tokens per referral besides other rewards for power booster purchases made by referral customers or their submissions once missions are over . These incentives include 1500 NOT and 100000 TONB tokens per boost purchased by referred persons as well as extra250 TONB for each completed mission by any referred person.

For a minimum investment of 1.53 TON, Ton Boost operates exclusively with the TON and NOT cryptocurrencies based on the TON Network. At level 1, users begin with a free Power Booster that has a hash rate of 0.1 GH/s.

  • Level 2: hashrate 10 GH/s
  • Level 3: hashrate 100 GH/s
  • Level 4: hashrate 1,000 GH/s

Validity of the Power Boosters is for thirty days and users in every transaction can rent several Boosters.

Ton Boost integrates with Telegram’s connect wallet feature, which supports wallets like TON Space and TON Keeper. Due to recent growth in TON Space users, the platform recommends using TON Keeper for stable connections, citing high downtime for the TON Space wallet.

In its initial phase, the platform provided a daily payout of 5%, equating to a 150% return over 30 days. Future phases will see dynamic adjustments to the interest rate for new deposits, with changes announced in advance.

When a new Power Booster is activated by the user, the mining power increases leading to separate rental periods for each Booster each of which is valid for 30 days. The minimal withdrawal amounts are set at 0.45 TON for TON tokens and 600 NOT for NOT tokens with withdrawals being handled within 48 hours for TON and up to 72 hours when it comes to NOT tokens due to the referral structure checks.

Users can also earn without investment. The platform provides a minimum mining power of 1 GH/s per month, giving users the opportunity to earn some TON during this time interval. Moreover, a welcome bonus of 10 NOT tokens is available; however, withdrawal of these funds requires activation of at least one Power Booster.

The bonus system for NOT tokens is designed to encourage active participation. Withdrawal of NOT tokens requires renting at least one active Power Booster. Ton Boost’s mine-to-earn app represents an engaging opportunity for users to participate in the TON Ecosystem, earning rewards and contributing to the growth of this unique community.

About Ton Boost 

Ton Boost is a Telegram mine-to-earn application that enables users to earn rewards through cryptocurrency investments and referrals via its platform. By renting Power Boosters and participating in various activities, users can generate income and contribute to the development of the TON Ecosystem. The platform aims to build a large, active community, expanding its ecosystem with new applications and earning methods in the future. 

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