Which Professions To Be Replaced First by AI – Lado Okhotnikov Knows the Answer

Are you studying at university or already working? We learned what specialties will be replaced by artificial intelligence. In three years, baristas and bartenders will be out of work. After four – drivers, forwarders and sellers. Not to mention photographers, designers and programmers, their role may change significantly in five years.

What if your current specialty in 10 years turns out to be unnecessary, and it becomes more difficult to find a job? How to earn while maintaining stability and comfort?

Your replacement has already been found

While replacing carpenters, electricians and welders is difficult, it will be harder for women. Simple tasks are successfully automated with the help of AI. In such scenarios, the number of jobs will decrease by four million, or even more.

Lado Okhotnikov answers Which Professions To Be Replaced First by AI

What is the power of AI.

Men don’t need to relax either. According to research conducted on the GitHub platform, 92% of programmers who actively use AI in their work have been identified.

Of the 500 respondents, only 40 stated that they still do not use AI services. This demonstrates how deeply artificial intelligence has spread among high-level specialists.

However, the horrendous numbers do not stop even large corporations. For example, Google is preparing to introduce the most progressive update in the history of the company. This step will make the work of artificial intelligence more reliable. Any information will be confirmed by proofs, and code generation will reach such a level that the system will be able to recognize and correct even the slightest flaws on its own.

Meta, following the mission of developing artificial intelligence, creates a new solution in the field of music. Their latest neural network will be able to generate atmospheric sound effects from the environment without human intervention. With just a few clicks, you can recreate the barking of a dog or repeat steps, so composers will soon become unnecessary.

Surprises prepared by AI

They went furthest in India, where an AI presenter replaced the announcer on local television.

“This beautiful girl Lisa, the result of a computer simulation, is so realistic that she can easily be mistaken for a human. She reads horoscopes, comments on sporting events and makes weather forecasts,” says a participant in the conference, at which the artificial intelligence model has been shown for the first time.

As a result, two opposing views emerged. Supporters support the introduction of such tools, justifying this with the era of new information technologies. Others, on the contrary, fear that the rise in the use of artificial intelligence will undermine public trust in the media.

The World Association of News Publishers has given this issue even more urgency. It turns out that almost half of the editorial offices of news publications around the world are already using AI technologies. This indicates the growing influence of AI in the media sphere and that the dialogue between supporters and opponents will continue in the near future.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, “We are on the verge of a revolution”

According to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, using ChatGPT and similar tools will increase productivity, but will also cause big losses:

“AI is prone to misinformation, and despite optimistic forecasts, there will be difficulties. This will lead to economic problems in the future. The reality is that some jobs will be eliminated and workers will find it difficult to adapt to the new environment.”

The example of automating telephone operators confirms these concerns. Once the transition to automated voice assistants is complete, some will face pay cuts and others will find it difficult to find a job.

What to do for those who are at risk. Lado Okhotnikov about changing the profession

Fable Studio has unveiled a revolutionary product called The Simulation, an AI-powered app that automatically generates episodes for the South Park series.

OpenAI and the American Journalism Project are developing tools to improve news journalism. Google has also taken an impressive step by introducing a medical chatbot that has successfully passed the exam to obtain a doctor’s license.

All this news causes understandable fears and discussions.

Lado Okhotnikov answers Which Professions To Be Replaced First by AI

Top 8 facts about Мetaverse.

Lado Okhotnikov, the ideological inspirer and creator of the Meta Force Metaverse, shares his thoughts on how to find yourself in a new reality:

Each of these episodes reflects the growing pressure and at the same time shows the potential of artificial intelligence. For example, the introduction of Fable Studio’s innovative product The Simulation highlights AI’s ability to be creative. Perhaps now we are on the verge of many having to change their profession, having mastered new skills for themselves.

Now is not about dropping everything and running to study. However, keep in mind that delay will hit your budget hard. You will earn less, you will have to work more, and, as a result, your work will no longer be needed.

Designers, programmers, journalists and many others will soon face difficulties. But this does not mean that their skills will be completely useless.

Investing in the Metaverse is like buying an apartment in Dubai at the “pit” stage

It’s no secret that real estate prices at the pit stage are two to three times lower than at later stages of construction. So, making a purchase in the same Metaverse now, at the initial stage, when everything is just starting to develop, can be compared with a successful investment.

Why is real estate important? Let’s imagine that in the future you are a designer, artist, psychoanalyst, economist or engineer. To attract attention, to sell their services, you need an office. Should you rent? You can, but it will be much more expensive than if you bought a plot of land or an apartment at an early stage.

When you have something in the Metaverse, you will feel confident. And do not worry that having bought in one virtual reality, this thing or object will become inaccessible in another part of it.

The time will come when virtual reality will grow into the Universe, where each world will become a separate room. In the new era, the boundaries between fantasy and reality will dissolve.

Each room of this universe will be unique, where its own history with its own architecture and culture will continue to unfold. The choice will be endless – a medieval castle, a galactic spaceport, a magical forest, or even your own personal oasis on the planet, where you can look at the starry sky from your window.

In this universe created by your desires and inspiration, you can meet friends from all over the world, compete with them in various games, learn new skills, or simply enjoy each other’s company despite physical distances.

Start exploring the Metaverse. It is expected that those professions that can effectively interact with technology, and not just compete with it, will remain in demand. Therefore, it is now important to develop skills that complement the capabilities of this area. For example, communication, creativity and quick decision making in difficult situations will remain relevant.

Be flexible

The reality is that we are required to be ready for change. Rapid adaptation to new conditions allows not only to survive, but also to thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Technology changes so fast that what was relevant yesterday may be outdated today. And what today seems useless to anyone, tomorrow will be worth its weight in gold. Therefore, abstraction becomes an important competitive advantage.

Indeed, now the market is full of offers of earnings. Especially in this regard, one-day projects stand out – various ICOs, IDOs,

IPOs cloud the minds of many. Because of this, false expectations are formed, and as a result, lost money, time and nerves.

This also applies to trading in the futures and spot markets. Only a small share earns here, the rest lose. This is a high-risk activity that you should not do without knowledge.

Lado Okhotnikov does not deny that it is possible to earn money in a short distance, but will it be possible to maintain and increase your income in two or three years?

“The beta version of the Meta Force Metaverse is going to be launched. This is a good chance to get used to the new world for us. Virtual reality seems unpromising, but I would like to remind you that this technology is the future. Very soon, a person will spend most of his time not in front of a TV or on a smartphone, but in an alternative world.”

By the way, Meta Force is a young project. In just one year, the number of users exceeded a million people, and the total earnings of participants amounted to $1.3 billion.

Many have heard about Meta Force, but have not understood what its essence is. One of the main vectors is the development of the Metaverse. This is the world where you can do the same things as in everyday life: work, relax, buy, sell, develop a business. That is, start now to become one step higher from those who will come to us later,” Lado says that it is high time to change the format of our real world.

Judging by the roadmap, Lado’s plans are quite ambitious: to launch a marketplace where you can sell and buy digital assets without leaving the platform limits. Create a swap where participants can make quick crypto exchanges with the lowest commission. Well, then more – a wallet, support for the native Forcecoin token, collaboration with the largest projects for paying for land in virtual reality, the launch of cashback, Boost, Game Zone and OverReal.

If you want to know more, then see MetaForce – Roadmap.