WildEarth TV Channel Announces NFT Collection For Wildlife Conservation

The WildEarth TV Channel That Tracks Animal Movements In The Wild Will Now Mint NFTs For Sale To Help Support Conservation Efforts Of Wildlife Habitats

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / January 28, 2022 / WildEarth, one of the world’s largest broadcasters of live-streamed nature and animal experiences, has announced an NFT project that allows viewers and nature enthusiasts to support conservation efforts and establish direct relationships with individual animals across WildEarth’s global footprint.

40% of NFT sales will go to habitat custodians of parks and reserves to continue conservation efforts. After the initial sale, WildEarth will collect 10% royalties on all secondary market sales. 80% of those royalties will go to the wildlife habitat custodian of that particular animal. For every 1 NFT minted WildEarth will mint another and hold this NFT in treasury for later sale in the secondary market for a regular revenue stream for custodians.

WildEarth has already completed the pre-sale of 25 individual animal collections on the Polygon network to take advantage of the negligible energy costs. 1,077 [MATIC] ERC-721 tokens were sold to their dedicated viewer community, totaling 503 unique wallets.

The NFT initiative has been marketed to over 5 million monthly viewers of WildEarth’s TV channel on platforms including Roku, DStv Africa, Amazon, iOS, Android, Plex, Bolt, Huawei, Xumo, Samsung+, Sling, LG+, Zeasn, and others. In Q4 of 2022, each NFT will be associated with individual animals, with each NFT-owner given access via a mobile app to video, stills, details, anecdotes, and the movement over time of each animal.

Graham Wallington, WildEarth’s co-founder and CEO, says: “Since 2007, we have built a loyal and growing army of nature lovers who watch our TV channel frequently, many of them daily. This new NFT initiative binds our community closer to the animals they love, fostering a personal and emotional connection to the animals of their choice while providing funding for the care and conservation of the environments in which those animals live.”

In February 2022, the Search and ID show on WildEarth TV will introduce the new “watch-to-earn” utility. A thermal drone will search the African darkness to find and identify nocturnal predators and add them to the animal registry. At that moment, a limited-time minting window will open up for viewers to mint that animal as an NFT. Once the minting window closes, it will not re-open.

A future mobile app will not only give access to all individual animal data but will allow social chat between NFT-owners, fostering the sharing of information about their special animal friends with each other. Each animal collection becomes a club of meta-Custodians following the lives of real-world wild animals and just by owning one of its NFTs you are helping to protect its habitat or home which is the key to wildlife conservation.

Torsten Hoffmann, producer of two award-winning documentaries about Bitcoin and the crypto sector and a long-time investor in WildEarth said: “WildEarth’s mission has always been to increase the value of nature to people. With these NFTs, we bring something completely new to the market.”

At 17h00 GMT on Friday the 28th January 2022, WildEarth will open minting windows for their first 25 collections. Visit mint.wildearth.tv. to mint NFTs for 120 MATIC. Max 10 NFTs per wallet per collection, max 50 NFTs per wallet. All 25 of these minting windows will close at 17h00 GMT on Monday the 31st January 2022, and will not open for those individual animals again.

Warning: The Non-Fungible Tokens provided by WildEarth are not investments. Their principal purpose is to fund wild habitat conservation by providing NFT owners with a special relationship to unique animals. Purchasers should not expect the NFTs to increase in value and they may lose all value except that special relationship. Therefore, WildEarth strongly suggests that you only spend money on NFTs that you can afford to lose.

About WildEarth NFT
WildEarth NFT is an NFT collection based on the WildEarth television channel. It is a 24-hour-a-day channel that delivers authentic live and interactive wildlife experiences that reaches 5 million people globally every month. By purchasing unique limited Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of the animals filmed, collectors will contribute to the animals’ well-being and their habitats’ conservation.

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SOURCE: Wildearth Media (Pty) Ltd

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