With the Game Coming soon, StarMon is Expected to be the First Metaverse Game to Go viral in 2022

As 2021 comes to an end, it will be a turbulent year for the crypto asset industry. In this year, DeFi, Meme, DAO, GameFi and other sectors have sparked the market, and it seems that metaverse blockchain games will continue the popularity of 2021 to become the leader in the New Year. From the current market performance, investors’ passion for the blockchain game sector has returned again, and the crypto assets of mainstream blockchain game projects such as MANA, AXS and SAND all increased significantly this week.

If you missed out a lot in 2021, then be sure not to miss StarMon, which is expected to lead the chain game market in 2022. According to the latest news released by StarMon, the StarMon game testing will end this week, and the official game will be launched.

Currently, StarMon has more than 70,000 followers on its official Twitter account, and the in-game character StarMon trading market has reached 24,000 BNBS (worth approximately $13 million). Kols and communities in Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America and other regions continue to promote StarMon. As the official launch of the game approaches, the StarMon community is heating up for StarMon’s special advantages over other similar projects.

  1. Exquisite game design

Starmon is an essential character to play in Starmon, and each Starmon has a different appearance, elemental attributes, ability values, skills, characters, and talents. Also, each Starmon has six abilities: HP (health), SPD (speed), ATK (Object defense), DEF (Object Defense), ATT (special attack), and RES (Special Defense). The difference in ability also determines the positioning of the Starmon, namely whether it is better at attacking or defending. Other settings, including elements, characters and talents, will also affect the abilities of the Starmon. In addition, Starmon’s battle performance is also related to the field and the weather, such as a Sarmon will also get a bonus to its battle ability under the right field or weather conditions.

Like animals in the real world, Starmon can breed offspring from two Starmons. Offspring have a high probability of inheriting genes from their parents such as appearance, personality, talent and skills. In theory, the better the quality of the parents, the higher the probability of breeding excellent offspring. However, there is a small chance that the offspring will pick up traits not belong to parents from the race gene pool, sometimes bringing surprise to players.

  1. Low barriers and rich gameplay

The current blockchain games are broadly 2D or web version, preferring DeFi rather than the playability of the game itself. StarMon is a 3D mobile game whose gameplay is more similar to that of the world’s most popular game Pokemon.

Presently, StarMon has open or planned game scenarios including PVE adventures, PVP arenas, and land building. PVE adventure applies an adventure mode, in which players need to fight with an organization named “Predator” and will get a variety of resources and materials dropped by the defeated enemies in a new level, the higher the level, the more difficult to win, while the more generous reward after victory.

PVP is a battle between players. Players who want to beat opponents and rank higher need to constantly improve Starmon’s ability and find the best matching and operation strategy for Starmons. In addition, StarMon will launch PVP Ladder tournament to generously reward excellent Starmon trainers.

The deflationary model ensures long-term ecological prosperity and stability

The launch of StarMon also marks the formal start of Play to Earn, which will become the focus for all blockchain gamers. The entry threshold for StarMon is to own three Starmons, and the current cost is under 1,000 USDT. Another blockchain game DNAxCAT incubated by YooShi has been officially launched and its profits of Play to Earn are basically stable within 30 days. Using DNAxCAT as a reference, it is conservatively estimated that the StarMon return cycle can be at least within 60 days. And as a high-quality blockchain game project, StarMon may perform better in the future.

StarMon ecosystem is similar to Axie Infinity in that it has both governance token SMON and in-game token GST. In order to ensure stable Play to Earn revenue and a thriving ecological economy, StarMon also set up a deflationary model for SMON and GST scenarios. Starmons consume SMON and GST for breeding, incubation, evolution, skill/potential/talent development, etc. However, in scenarios such as Starmon evolution other Starmons will also be consumed as materials, which also ensures the value support of the Starmon itself.

Overall, StarMon’s 3D graphics, smooth battle experience, and cool visuals provide players with the ultimate gameplay experience. Moreover, StarMon has a low barrier and can be picked up quickly. But to become a great Starmon trainer on the continent of Andres, players also need to delve into the many settings of the game system. And the relevance between complex settings and the impact of combat effects also greatly improves the playability of StarMon.

StarMon is a metaverse game that truly belongs to players, and its underlying blockchain technology allow the Starmons, materials, props, etc. in the game completely owned by players. The emerging metaverse will continue to create sensations in the future, and StarMon will also be the most potential blockchain game project under this trend!

StarMon Official Links:

Website: https://starmon.io/
Medium: https://medium.com/@StarMon_Metaverse
Global Group:https://t.me/StarMon_Official
Discord: https://discord.gg/YooShiGamePad
Channel: https://t.me/StarMon_NEWS
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarMonGame
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbRF93L7_kUmrK4G2fan2AA