GoldenTiger: A seamless ecosystem of Metaverse, NFT and everything in between launch on Uniswap!


GoldenTiger is launching on January 30th of 2022. This new ecosystem will provide customers with both innovative financial structure and a loyal asset. Its unique development will reward all the $Tiger holders with an interest from each transaction as well as sparing them from harmful practices of whales.

The year 2022 stands by the sign of the Tiger, which, according to Chinese astrology, symbolizes dignity and fearlessness. It is the perfect time to put in the effort and change the future! Golden Tiger token is based on the Ethereum network (ERC-20), with a whole team of experienced developers involved in developing and promoting the project.

Its upcoming launch on Uniswap on January 30th of 2022 will create the possibility to discover a strong asset, which will provide users with additional profits and various possibilities from GoldenTiger’s project.

Phase 1 :

Zodiak Market is the first step on GoldenTiger’s roadmap. It will enable access to a huge collection of NFT goods with opportunity to buy and sell one-of-a-kind units in NFT and use them in the exclusive metaverse game TigerIsland. Each unit is completely unique and gives players the opportunity to buy, keep and trade units and by purchasing virtual property the user becomes not only the owner of an exclusive property, but also an investor of, which allows to receive a passive income from each transaction in the system.

The GoldenTiger team is planning to announce a new, exclusive, out-of-the-box, virtual metaverse game called TigerIsland. It will provide more and more possibilities for users. Once you buy a land on virtual real estate in TigerIsland, you become a stakeholder on’s platform and share in revenue generated by community’s activity on your virtual property, including in-game purchases, transactions, advertising and gaming.

Owning real estate in TigerIsland is easy. It only takes a moment to set up your crypto wallet or TigerMask and you are ready to start buying and selling properties in the most innovative platform.

Phase 2 :

The team prepares the launch of  TigerMask, which will soon be available as an extension in your browser and even a mobile app!

It provides you with a key vault, a secure login and a token wallet – everything that takes for digital assets management. With TigerMask you are able to purchase, hold, share, exchange tokens, analyze and do everything you need with your token without leaving the mobile app. TigerMask will also be connected to ZodiacMarket and TigerIsland for convenient purchase and selling items in the app.

Phase 3 :


GoldenTiger is first launching on the Ethereum Network, on a serious and stable blockchain because we are in it for the lonnng haul.Then, we will launch on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Network. This will give everyone the chance to ape into this project.

Launching on BSC along with ETH will bring an entirely separate pool of investors to the project. Finally, will launch on… Polygon. This network is up and coming and is an underdog. GoldenTiger will audit their contract by CERTIK, helping them build the bridge to BSC and other networks.

Stay tuned, make sure to join the community and enjoy the ride.